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About us

Red Iron is the Rust division of OCamlPro, a French software company, with a strong expertise in programming languages and formal methods. OCamlPro's expert engineers have been developing software with high added-value for more than 10 years.

Our expertise is plural and covers:

Fine code tuning
We have contributed code to improve performance of the `Vec` type from Rust's standard library.
We love to deal with the unsafe flavor of Rust, whether for embedded codebases or performance optimizations.
Compilers and DSL
Apart from contributions to the Rust compiler, we have implemented a transpiler from the EMF/ECore meta modelling language to Rust.
OCamlPro also employs maintainers of the GnuCOBOL and OCaml compilers
Innovative software for the web
Red Iron is proud to host the development of agnos, a lightweight, fast and user friendly Let's Encrypt client. We have also developed backends for ERP systems.
Formal Methods
We developed several formal method tools in Rust (Matla, SAT-Micro-Rust, Mikino ). We have also implemented a security policy proven using the Creusot verifier.
Knowledge transfer
We have delivered beginner and advanced Rust training to engineers across multiple fields, including power control and energy management, rail transport, industrial process control, data science, formal methods, and television.
High-throughput middleware
Our deep understanding of Rust's ecosystem and how Rust code is compiled allows us to write highly efficient middleware. Whether it is network processing or data format parsing and conversion, our code simply runs fast with minimal resource impact.

Services we offer

Our team of experienced Rust programmers is ready to work with you and can provide the following services:

Robust development
We develop software our clients can rely on. The code we craft is performant and trustworthy, and product ownership can easily be transferred to your engineering team.
Advising and support
Our expertise in Rust and programming languages at large means we can work with you during the blueprinting phase of your next project and offer support during its realization.
Code review
If your team already has a Rust codebase but lacks confidence that it is performant, safe, idiomatic, or follows best practice our code reviews are here to help. Ideal for new hires and teams switching languages.
Holistic performance audit
We can conduct a comprehensive performance audit of your whole stack and evaluate the relevance of algorithmic changes, or targeted rewrites in Rust or other languages.
Migration from another language
Do you have software you have decided to migrate to Rust? Our engineers will help you identify which functionalities must be kept equivalent and deliver code enabling a smooth transition.
We offer three standardized Rust training (beginner, advanced, and one for decision makers), as well as custom programs. For more information, visit our dedicated website.
Domain-specific development
Our engineers have strong academic backgrounds in mathematics, physics and computer science. We have tackled domain specific subjects before and can quickly be operational on specialized software.
R&D projects
80% of OCamlPro's engineer have a PhD, and all have had research experiences. OCamlPro has a Crédit Impôt Recherche (CIR) agreement, allowing recovery of 30% of R&D costs outsourced to us.

Contact us

Wondering whether Rust is suited for your project or what we could do for you? Please shoot us an email. We would be thrilled to know more about what you are doing.

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You can also find us on GitHub and LinkedIn.